Blurb Sets

Up next...
        Work out having key state while mousing differentiate moving or copying on drop, 
            with related appearance differences while dragging.
        Try making drag-across stateful based on DomEl types dragged across.

        Add tests for each of the drop methods and related methods, including these and others, 
            and covering all of the different drop-vs-existing cases I can think of:
        Possibly extend _addToParent() and maybe _addToDomParent() to place between 
            existing children, ideally with a shared dependency method.
        Implement enough of the `over` dnd event listener/s to make sure of the identity of `this` there.
        Finish trying out the dnd event listeners on the temporary HTML page, 
            fixing anything else as I go.
        If `this` works in event listeners, try out the `self`-and-lambda syntax 
            as an alternative, if only to satisfy myself about it.
        Remove any remaining cruft statements in alt.html, and possibly in the other alt HTML pages too.
        Maybe simplify class CSS so the classes from the DomEL subclasses 
            match exactly to the region types.
        Finish testing all of the direct drag-and-drop code in whatever its post-experiments form is.
        Implement canDropOnOnto() for some key DomEl subclasses and make sure 
            that class-based dnd is working right for all of them. 

        Test all kinds of dnd circumstances, including dragging something onto itself.
        Maybe drop all unwiring at some point.
        Drop all of Locator if it looks like I won't need it anywhere.
        Maybe make all DomEls store themselves again after a reindexing, maybe recursively.
        Iron out all naming / naming differences between new system 
            and Dom and maybe other JS / HTML / CSS.

        Remove any obsolete local DomEl-list code from the current classes.
        Ensure that each DomEl subclass defines its .stencil and .class.
        Think over switching to a DOM-derived Composite again, to see if it would be better. 
        Maybe gradually switch intended-to-be-private methods to _camelCase() naming style.
        When things are all tested, go back and ensure that all passed methods are tagged as passed.
        Ideate a method / process for initial construction of the two Composites, 
            and their cross-links between GroupEl and GroupBlurbsListEl via GroupBlurbsEl.  
        Track down stray points like missing values, unfinished code, and temporary code.
        Change the code at each stray point, and/or list it for later, then change it later.
        Tie up any loose ends for indexing and unique-ID setting.
        Maybe add addChildren(), removeChildren(), and subtractChildren() to DomEl 
            to support several-item dnd, and to help avoid reverse-order adding.
        Switch the new code to use the new storage system, with one value containing a 
        list of all the groups, and all other values containing one group's blurbs each.
        Start TDD-reimplementing the other features that were implemented in my first 
            pass at it before, then the other features I hadn't gotten to yet.

Dream design:
        Dream Design
        The blurbs and their groups / sets are displayed with two Composites, one on the left, one on the right.
        The leaves for blurb groups / sets on the left host buttons that cause forks for groups of blurbs to be 
        added to the Composite on the right, where they in turn display their blurbs.
        The current old and newer systems are replaced with this Composite system.
        In general, id's, sites, and indices (for ordering onscreen) are 
        passed downward during construction and retained during display.
        I have removed the classes that were listed here, since I have moved them into JS itself.

More things....